You don’t have to pause your business while you recruit a full-time marketing leader. The Artesian Network offers an alternative path—a parallel process whereby a new or changing tech company can start the recruiting process while leveraging our seasoned and effective marketing team from day one—without a gap in service to the company. Advance the exercise of the use case, test pricing, continue to build on the corporate brand in a fashion that makes it easy for the new VP of Marketing to assume the role when hired. In fact, with many of our clients, we find that recruiting can be more effective with a good face and performance of the company evident to prospective candidates.

Words still matter. They will make or break your quarter.
How a product or service is messaged and positioned in the context of viable substitutes in the market is a delicate matter which draws, in part, upon an art but heavily informed by a science that we use at The Artesian Network. Making unremarkable and market-matched product value claims as the cornerstone of your messaging platform can be a death nail, but we rarely find the careful analysis in this arena given the multitude of tasks typically assigned to the early stage startup product marketing manager. To make matters more difficult, the task of messaging and positioning often times default to a discipline not typically well versed in the process of such development such as product management.
Whether you are preparing to introduce a new product or questioning an existing channel pricing strategy, The Artesian Network can provide an objective, methodical approach to pricing analysis which can set the minds of the toughest CFOs at ease.
Every company has a limited amount of resources and not everyone can use your product. We help you locate and methodically market to your target customer through the most effective and proven channels.

Through the process of methodical use case testing, we come to understand the personae within the target companies within target industries that optimally match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). ICPs include industry, company size and job titles likely to buy based on history and research at the exclusion of all other potential targets. We then use Personas to understand the mind of the buyer beyond the simple title or role and tailor content to your target.

Once you find your ideal customer profile, many of them will need to be nurtured along with reminders from your company that you not just exist but are thought leaders, sometimes for months or years, until they are ready to buy. Different personas respond differently to different pieces of content. Do not blast your customers.

The Artesian Network can help with marketing system selection and implementation too. We have installed many such platforms and mechanized the marketing systems to reach personas at ICPs in order to drive leads that exceed those of enterprise industry averages.

Transition from founder faith into business fact
The “hunch” and the initial hypothesis of a startup held by the founder(s) is the most exciting moment in the business’s life. It is the energy that breaks the inertia to get the business moving in the direction promising success. The first product direction is rarely the best and final direction however.

Making sense of the data
We can help you with objective Use Case testing of the customer journey based on personae, product use, economic value and company demographics. We tend to find incredible insights which lead to better, more effective selling with far fewer quarters of wasted treasury burn. These Use Case insights, in turn, inform the messaging, positioning and pricing of the product in the market.

Whether you’re launching your first marketing initiative or trying to optimize your existing processes and programs, having the right systems in place and configured correctly makes a world of difference.

Design, Migration and Implementation
The Artesian Network has a plethora of experience across Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation, and Analytics vendors. We can help you determine the best fitting systems for your business, migrate from your legacy systems, and implement the systems that will drive your funnel.

Analyzing and Optimizing your Programs
Having the right tools in place enables you to better understand your prospects and to experiment with your campaigns and programs. Whether you’re selling to a few target accounts or monetizing a freemium product, we use a scientific approach to set up and continuously improve marketing efforts that align to buyer’s preferences.

Plugging into your Organization
Having a truly stellar marketing engine means you are working in lockstep with your sales and customer success teams. The Artesian Network takes an organization-wide approach whether you want to track your buyer journey from demand generation to customer retention, define actionable handoffs between departments, or enhance your programs using a company-wide feedback loop.




Some companies appreciate an outside, neutral third party to facilitate through very difficult, sometimes emotionally charged issues with a team that is also well versed in technical industry jargon and strategic frameworks. Whether it is preparing for another round of financing, a restructure or a potential merger, The Artesian Network can facilitate through difficult senior leadership team issues and bring its various senior disciplines to bear including CFO, CMO, CRO and Head of Engineering as sounding boards.


B2B companies must quickly evolve to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re trying to align your sales and marketing efforts, determine where to invest your budget to build predictable recurring revenue streams, or develop your corporate strategy; our team provides an unbiased perspective and brings experience from funding through all stages of growth.


Understanding your target market is crucial to success. The optimal marketing mix for challenging an established leader differs greatly from conquering a blue ocean. Our team can quickly analyze your competitive landscape, partner ecosystem, and other market dynamics in order to give you complete context and confidence in your market fit and readiness.


Cutting through the fear, uncertainty and doubt is crucial to launching new products and competing in new markets. And your best weapon is a team that is genuinely passionate about business, technology, data and problem-solving. The Artesian Network is not afraid of digging in, thinking outside the box or disrupting the siloed approach. Our team considers everything from technical viability to pricing, segmentation, promotion, and more in order to set strategy that will have long-lasting impact.


Loyalty has its benefits

Maximize the lifetime value of your customers by earning their loyalty. Loyal customers renew, expand, refer colleagues, and provide references for your products, services and brand.



And who, exactly,  does it benefit?

LOYALTY | ˈloiəltē |
Noun: a strong feeling of support or allegiance

That sounds nice. It is, and it benefits customers and companies, alike.

Earning customer’s loyalty doesn’t happen by accident but rather it is earned through careful thought and strategic planning from the top-down. The Artesian Network helps B2B companies determine how to build and grow a loyal customer base, resulting in:

  • Reduced Cost of Customer Acquisition via increased customer recommendations
  • Reduced Churn / Increased Renewals by building relationships as a partner, not a vendor
  • Growth and Expansion via strategic plans and related ‘playbooks’
  • Increased Library of Customer References from those whom you’ve earned their allegiance

Build, Validate or Mature
We’ll work with your team to develop a customized, data-driven strategy. We do this by tapping into a variety of proven methodologies, such as:

Inside-out Research
Each company is unique. We’ll start by learning and building a picture of your unique culture, people, processes, data (including customer-engagement) and technologies in place today.

Outside-in Research
This research can be done via customer interviews but is often done via a quantitative request to customers for feedback (see Voice Of Customer). Our ultimate goal is to bring you insights that inform whether you have a handle on the job to be done — that is, are you doing what it is your customer hired you to do?

Customer Journey Mapping
We’ll identify the gaps between today’s journey and an ideal journey and jointly determine the key initiatives that will drive toward achieving your customer’s outcomes and loyalty.

Customer Playbooks
What are playbooks? Think of playbooks as, if this (data signal), then that (action). Data signals trigger a series of actions that are to be executed in order to drive success of your key initiatives.


Churn is a lagging data signal. VOC data, collected and actioned in programmatic fashion, provides leading indicator data signaling accounts with opportunities such as revenue expansion or a customer reference, as well as risks such as a lingering implementation or support issue. These signals, combined with customized action plans, allow teams to engage with customers consistently and proactively.

VOC is AKA as NPS ®
Many have heard of NPS ® which stands for Net Promoter System ® or Score. NPS hasn’t focused on score for at least ten years, yet the primary idea carries on. The idea is to categorize customer-contacts into the right groups in order for companies to drive the right treatment strategies. We use a system (Voice of Customer) to categorize customer-contacts into four groups: Promoters, Passives, Detractors and Disengaged, the latter being a commonly overlooked yet C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L datapoint in B2B environments. Our VOC Technology Partner, TopBox, shares more on this important topic.

Insights and Competitive Advantage for Executives
Trustworthy and representative VOC data, combined with financial linkage to risk, for instance, provides a clear path forward for areas of investment that are directly correlated to customer loyalty. Correlation reporting, indicating specific areas of the business that are key drivers of customer loyalty, provide leaders with a roadmap to guide decisions around strategy and investments. Decisions made with such insights lead to expanded customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Brand Matters


Your brand is your voice in the marketplace and your opportunity for disruption.


Brand Architecture
Brand Audit
Brand Definition
Brand Optimization
Brand Transformation
S1 / Pre-IPO Creative
Company Store / SWAG


Digital Brand Systems
Campaign Development
Guerilla Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Website Design & Dev
Content Development
E-mail Marketing Campaigns
SEO / SEM strategies
Webinar Asset Development


Logo / Identity / Guidelines
Asset development
Annual Reports
Video Production / Animation
Internal Brand Alignment
Brand Templates


Custom Booth Design
Custom Booth Build Management
Turnkey trade show design
Directional Signage
Keynotes & Presentation Design
SWAG / Promotional Items
Product / Demo Video
Logo Splash / Brand Video
Virtual event package

Credibility, trust, expertise and the ability to deliver — a few of the reasons I consistently reach out to partner with the Artesian team.

Steven Velardi
Sales Executive

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